We are accepting Monetary Donations and Items to use in our Sensory Area!
Check out our GoFundMe Page for more details!
Some items that we are looking for are:
Power strips/Surge Protectors
Yoga Mats
Bean bag chairs (black, grey, or teal)
5x7 rug (black, Grey, and/or teal)
fiber optic carpet
LED wheel light projector
Misc fidget items
Vibrating/Massager tools
Light Box
Bathroom rug set
4 Towels
3 shelf sturdy black bookcase
Sensory Swing (weight limit of 300 plus)
20 yards of white sheer fabric
20 yards of white washable fabric 
 Cord Covers
Electric Outlet Covers 
Stereo Sound System with Light up Speakers
Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries
Rechargeable battery station
Rocking chair/Hammock Swing for front porch 
Basic household cleaning supplies and toiletries (toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant, cleaning wipes, air freshener, mop, etc...)
Trash can (tall kitchen size)
new/gently used throw blankets
Items for a sensory walkway: Chamomile lawn (for 3ft x 3ft); bag of cement, small bag of sand, loose pebbles (for 3ft x 3ft) river stones (for 2ft x 2ft),  outdoor liquid tile mats, rubber playground mat (2ft x 2ft)
Check out our Target Registry for specific items needed!