Board of Directors
Andy Black, Judi BrookshireBen Cox, Chad Culver,
Denzel Dukes, Nancy Goodson,Diana Gossett, Pattie Hall, Chris Hockman, Theron Strickland, Jimmy Stone, John Thomas, Katie Waldrop
Administrative Staff
Executive Director: Kendrise Colebrooke
Quality Assurance & Operations Compliance Administrator: Jess Vincil
Staff Development & Training Administrator: Open
Employment Community First Coordinator: Donna Flanery
Community Employment Administrator: Vania Beavers
Recreational Therapist: Deana Rutherford 
Financial Controller: Cindy Galler
Billing and Financial Coordinator: Bethany Schloicka
Health and Individual Rights Coordinator: Lauren Barnes
Office Administrator: Ana Woodward
Community Integration Scheduler: Rachel Ogle
Community Integration Coordinator: Sherry Cook
Case Managers: Frank Smith, Tony Gray, Analeigh Karnes (ECF)
Project Search Coordinator: Danny Matthews  
Lead Case Manager:  Open
Community Integration Managers: Wilson Kariuki, Andre Price, Shelby Dyer, and Rebecca Collins