Board of Directors
 Lynn Andrick, Judi Brookshire, Fred Coe, Ben Cox, Chad Culver,
Denzel Dukes, Nancy Goodson, Chris Hockman, Judy Kresge,
Johnny Morgan, Carole Schenk, John Thomas, Andrea White. 
Administrative Staff
Executive Director: Elizabeth Ritchie 
Quality Assurance & Operations Compliance Administrator: Jess Vincil
Director of Staff Development & Training: Vicky Harris
Employment Community First Coordinator: Donna Flanery
Community Employment Administrator: Kendrise Colebrooke
Community Recreation Coordinator: Deana Rutherford 
Financial Controller: Cindy Galler
Billing and Financial Coordinator: Bethany Schloicka
Medical Coordinator: Sara Stoner
 Office Administrator: Sarah Mack
Community Integration Coordinator: Eddie Harrison
Case Managers: Jennifer Lane; Tony Gray Billing
Case Manager: Daniel Quaye 
Project Search Coordinator: Danny Matthews  
Incident Management Coordinator/Lead Case Manager: Lauren Barnes Community Integration Managers: Foyna Evans, Andre Price, and Rebecca Collins